humidity… (the day that would not burst)

humidity… (the day that would not burst)

close up photo of leaf
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the day that would not burst, humidity, so damn thick today, I can actually taste the hanging moisture in the air or feel the weight of said heavy moisture that has tricked my senses to believe so, maybe it has just been that long between seasons, or the spell cast by this strangest of springs, milling about the house like a tethered on a leash garden gnome, and just as useful (or not), and sans the cool pointy hat or costume, I would have sworn on a dotted line and counted all pins down strike that rain would come today, sure, I could use that fancy internet thing and look things up, but I was busy with work, remotely helping customers with errors, bad luck, and just dumb stuff, such is the IT world of support, one day cleaning dust bunnies from lowly printer sensors, the next finding out what compromised a ten thousand dollar enterprise server, but if I delve into those details, I risk boring you further, and that would seem counter productive , back on the road the GPS says, in my head… all the signs were there, no sun, it took the day off (I get it, shining every day for 4 billion years must be tiring), there was a wind that would stop and start with fury, whizzing by a little stronger than it’s ordinary day cousins as of late, the leaves, the leaves – usually the tell of a coming storm, for some reason they flip upside down, belly up, so once bright green trees appear pale, as if the leaves are supplicating to the sky for some proof of life, I witnessed all those signs, and then even a drizzle teased my face when I went to grab the mail, another excuse to leave the house and wander outside for a bit, maybe I’ll walk the dog again, even she is losing her enthusiasm for it, I was so sure, sure as can be, just waiting for the burst of rain, anticipating a nice afternoon nap with the ran lapping at my window, the wind stirring my bamboo rack back and forth like a sweeping pendulum, just typing that now makes me want to crawl into bed like a toddler exhausted from daily play without care, but still, night now, I look outside, damn, still no rain, I guess I built myself up for this disappointment, maybe just take things as they are and find the good in that, I suppose there is a lesson in there somewhere… maybe…

notes.. hey, you, yeah you, thanks for reading, I appreciate it, I am a very acquired taste as I am a very unique mix of ingredients, my blog is just me throwing art and words into the world, you dig ? cool….

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