inception… lucid dreaming.

inception… lucid dreaming.

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the idea, planted, like a silent surreptitious spy seed, insidious indeed, while consciously aware of the virus (obviously) I did not imagine it inseminating my imagination (perhaps a naive sway), or quietly building a condo in my sub-conscious as it were, that was until yesterday, I like to think I can easily book fare into lucid dreaming, if you are unaware of what that is, go ahead and research it, I’ll still be here when you get back, anyway, whether helped by music, or meditation, I am able to get myself there more regularly these days, through practice or luck? who knows, probably some stitched quilt of both, sometimes I am stuck in a bad loop, other lucid experiences make me not want to get our of bed for fear of losing the moment, generally there are themes, even recurring locales, scenarios, maybe I nudge my sub conscious self a bit into familiar neighborhoods when dawn and night are fighting (dawn wins, you know, that is how it is), but just this, yesterday, I found myself in a familiar place (inside a set piece of a dream), this really cool hotel, or maybe just a house, but it feels like a hotel, the back of the rooms have a moat, or I suppose a pool, about ten feet wide and five feet deep, with the water constant, floor level, but a fancy pool made of dark/black stone, and the same dark stone (with a kind of wavy pattern surface) encompasses the floor of the room, kind of modern feel, but wooden walls, bamboo patterns, modern but warm with accent lighting painting “V”s north every three feet as such, the head of the bed is up against the moat (almost), the front of the room (that would face the hall) is just huge plates of tall glass to the ceiling (a high ceiling like twenty feet), frosted glass though, for privacy, and also so you could see shadows of people milling about but not what kind of people, frankly they could be aliens and you would have no clue, times like these really make me wish I could draw, but stick figures would not cut it for this exercise, and that is about all the skill I have in that area, so words will have to suffice, and I hope they do, the rooms are all connected via the moat, and you can kind of float around to see your friends and neighbors, this dream is always strange as the inhabitants are people I do not know well, or are from my past, very random, and one of them, and this detail seemed to scream at me in the dream, one of them was wearing a mask, not quite surgical, one of the low end cheap ones we see ad infinitum these days, this startled me into awake state, now, this happens time and again, something stirs you from an otherwise comfortable inside trip, often I will just dip back into my dream trying to recapture the sensation of being in my own film creation, sometimes you feel like you are falling, or you hear something, but somehow this was more disturbing, the image was so stark, almost like a thousand bulbs going off at once, like a big flash of reality to douse the fire of my inner imaginations ingenuity, and I could not force myself back into that dreaming space, so perhaps the virus has infected me, in some way, I must admit…

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