thoughts from… ah, what the hell this is random… (but still from my porch)

thoughts from… ah, what the hell this is random… (but still from my porch)

woman with rainbow light reflecting her face
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only with these eyes but these, a pink swath of clouds, there is no perceptible breeze but the trees seem slight shimmering, slow belly dancing, mesmerizing, as I lose myself in the display, focusing only at a particular patch of sky, framed in by branches, twigs, the world sounds flowing, people talking walking by, cars hum on the distant main road less-ly, no planes however, how odd, this afternoon, at least, no eyes have seen, or ever been, to see this exact distinct scene, which begs the question, is this just for me? I feel, I feel slightly guilty with hand half cocked in the cookie jar of the natural wonder, caught, charged, or is this for all who wish to take the time to take this in, for this is spectacle, a convergence of all time to create a quiet place, moment, trace, in space section now, power lines provide context and bisect vision into windows, a lonely goose honks somewhere in the any-direction distance, the rare car speeds by , an anomaly, these days, I count the laps of the walkers and bike riders, never more than three, universal subtle mystery, this is the inner works of the new clockwork of this suburban street, I’m not sure if the robin on my lawn is winning the bidding war, so strange, most human sounds, now, are secondary day by day, out here, how easily we have been tamed.

Notes... part of my porch thing, since I don’t commute (but still work) I do have the time, the need, to sit outside (socially distant of course) to observe things, well, what I can from my little sphere, granted I am writing more of these these days, things change, I change, my blog changes, right now this is what it is and I am what I am  (is that a popeye reference?), anyway, seriously thanks for any eyes (content pun intended on this post) and your time, all thoughts and comments are always appreciated, unless I know you and your motives… but that aside, thanks all, we are alive !

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