thoughts from the porch… (a storm hence)

thoughts from the porch… (a storm hence)

photography of dark clouds
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on
the blind man and the technological dream coat
I imagine this is the sound of mining, of the pounding chatter of a quarry at peak, for here we are ensconced in the throes of an information age, wrapped quite tightly in our digital holy blanket, and yet, along comes a spider of a plague, or just today (literally today), the sweep of a stronger than most storm system, rolling through these parts with purpose, an agenda, like a horizon long bullet train, tearing at trees, throwing undulating wave-walls of rain, trees, inevitably, bear the brunt of the break, groaning and retching tossed in the gale’s wake, rarely do storms rally for an entire day such as this, consuming hours like candy, tossing tinder like trinkets…
oddly, though, I do not fear the roaring of this early spring lion, I fear consequences, but the wind itself is somehow comforting, as all else noise is cancelled thoroughly, no cars, no traffic, no horns or radios thumping, nor animal sign or sound, just the wailing pendulum thrush of the wind testing the mettle of every item in bounds, the purposeful fury of nature, is calming, as the hours pass,  then…
and there is the thumping, the pounding into the ground, now that all the weather drama has subsided, I always like to take a walk along the lawn after a storm has passed, to see what did and did not last the lash, nothing of sort to note this day, the usual litter of elder limbs that were on their way anyway, nothing too big, nothing threatening certainly my life or limbs, this hardly seems like the same day now, the sun is daring to breakthrough now, bathing the backs of the remnant cruising clouds, the backlit clouds flowing by like milky orange blossom tea blooming, as I continue to listen to the metered pounding, rhythmic sound –
my neighbor’s mailbox was a casualty of the day, well, not mortally wounded, but down for a spell, and his was, well is, a so much nicer mailbox than mine ever was, so as I write, letting the cleansing wind surround (as the tempest is quite tame now), he pounds, to open the ground, for a new post, a stronger root, digging a hole, digging a hole has not changed much these thousands of years, of that I can be quite sure, and before I realize the time gone, he is done, the mailbox is back up.

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