selective focus photography of blue wooden birdhouse
Photo by Maria Tyutina on

putting bread into the bird feeder
good enough for me
good enough for them
this is winter
they should write me thank you letters
by letting me watch their behaviors
but so much more advanced am I
I do not speak their languages
and perhaps this is not the same bread I use
this is more the leftovers turning stale
but I deem this good enough for you
you are certainly more studious
you built your own house
and raised a family
even if through basic instincts
I am here alone
stuffing bread
on a cold quiet night
into an empty feeder
swinging in the tree
spinning left and right

notes… I do not post to show you brilliant poetry, I post what is going on in my mind at the time, at least that is the goal, I fail, as we all do, but that is what I am up to, I write like this naturally, always have, I was just afraid in the past (stupidly) to be me full on, full force, so here I am, better or worse, I like to think I am exploring perspective, well, I try…

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