and there is a new year…

and there is a new year…

person pouring champagne on champagne flutes
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a prayer to the passing

and another year
one and done in this instance nineteen
but what do numbers mean
there is no actual count
as time wraps over and between
time stops not to pause
a line constant drawn

and so another year’s end approaches, one and done in this case nineteen, but what do those numbers even mean, we are not on the actual count, or the actual clock, some four billion and nineteen certainly would be hard to print on a credit card, or a calendar, I suppose we would find shortcuts, clever humans that we are, something like happy 4 BILL and TWENTY, and so drops the ball, over and over, just a different crowd, changing eyes, funny how the phrase “dropping the ball” is a negative connotation unless you are packed in like sardines in some square at the proper times, and then it is celebration (one I have never subjected myself to even though I am in the neighborhood), but anyway, back to my distracted point, the chinese calendar will be 4718, the hebrew calendar is 5778, wouldn’t logic dictate we go with the oldest? do we even question the year, 2020, a fraud by any count, or a real count, or should we determine the birth date of lucy and start from there? just an example of the subjectivity which becomes bedrock in our everyday lives, sunrise, sunset, when neither of these are actually happening, how soon we forget, how soon we learn but are we really aware, as dawn cracks yolk along the horizon, that we are spinning toward that light, feet tethered to the ground by an invisible force, just our normal course, there seems to be magic inhabiting science after all, or maybe physics is just the definition of magic, something like that, either way, as the world turns, a certain number of times, quite precise, with one leap of an exception, various degrees of tilt, we arrive, 365, one year later, and so here it is… happy new year one and all (and you).

Thanks to all and any who have read my words in my little space here in the cosmos of context in this online multiverse…

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