The ruins of our times…

The ruins of our times…

upon christ of church fairfield township nj cemetery
for all for now
for all seasons kept
be by brother be
for here I lay
laid to rest
bound to ground
consecrated in earth
soul released to soar
to higher temple mound,
a marker, a name engraved
crumbles, to time to fall
tracing words, fading stone faces
temporal worlds, flight drifts away
embraced, in softest warmth
bathed, in most divine light
eternal grace, to triumph the night

notes… these are the ruins of my state, people who settled here before we were even a country, this cemetery is near ruin but not in total ruin, I drove by a few times and just was drawn to call to attention this place, these were all lives, loves, stories, people, all enshrined here, many hundreds of years past, that fascinates me, because soon enough this will be me, on this plane of existence at least, dust and dreams, we all come to this road, this destination, regardless of any declaration, or any direction in which we wish.

Music:  a little heavy, a classic song in this person’s opinion…

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