a moment…

a moment…


Lake Wallenpaupack, last Saturday, the last day of my vacation, I like to go local and learn local… and it worked out this time… the Poconos are quite beautiful, and shame on me for not ever staying here…. I drove by this awesomeness dozens of times, take a minute, pull over, take a look…. that has been my guiding light the past year… for more info on the exact spot click the link below…. Personally I stayed at The Ledges Hotel, amazing (seriously insane beauty) view, not worth the price tag overall, but be sure to check out the Hawley Silk Mill… and I am writing up many of the places I visited over there on Yelp… the best restaurant was Cora’s.… very local, and dead when the people were flocking to the “hot spots” on the weekend… go to Cora’s, you’ll thank me…. I am sure there is plenty I missed but I will be back, I loved exploring the area !

Lake Wallenpaupak Map !

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