Flooded: scribbling(s) from an ark…

Flooded: scribbling(s) from an ark…

ship rope dock cargo
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

‘is this thing on? check, check, so this guy is gathering animals 2×2, stop me if you’ve heard this one, I’ll be here all month, try the unleavened bread’

this doesn’t seem so bad

I am starting to regret flipping a coin over crocodiles and unicorns… should have went with -rock -parchment -cutting tool…

note to self: lions and sea lions are not related, begrudgingly I had to admit the wife was right about sea horses and sea cows as well…

renovation note: moving hen house across the ark away from the fox hole

note to self: next time make more room for the porcupines

the llamas (well, specifically Lorenzo) spit at my wife, I think she saw me laugh, but I DID warn her about those darn things… and besides, it was hilarious…

I was doing roll call today and came across a couple of “duck-weasels”, sure, the placard says ‘platypus’ (whatever the hell that is), I swear sometimes I think god is just messing with me

man! hippos are hungry

trying to dry laundry in almost never ending rain really sucks…

sheesh, of all the things I brought two of, I’m glad I only brought one wife…

sleeping in the sheep’s quarter’s tonight, note to self: put away diary where wife can not read it

is now a bad time to mention I might be slightly claustrophobic? I could sure use that water to wine trick right now…

I wish sushi had been invented… and I can’t even get a decent cigar in this joint…

Horses and elephants??… I really should have thought this out better from a maintenance perspective…

things must be getting to me, I had a dream about pandas riding zebras playing polo… and polo hasn’t even been invented yet…

I envy bears, they can sleep through anything

note to self: skunks do not like surprises

how did I miscount the rabbits? there has to be a dozen of them now… addendum: boa constrictor food problem solved

I came up with a song to pass the time: “100 bottles of shekar on the wall, 100 bottles of shekar, take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of shekar on the wall”, something seems a little off, I’ll work on it…

geese and ducks are like in-laws… I’ll leave that up for individual interpretation… I love my in-laws, I really do, of course they were drowned with everyone else, hey, who am I to question god’s judgement (chuckle)…

I keep telling the pigeons to stay off the sloths but they can’t help themselves I guess, old habits die hard…

the wife is no longer amused by my weather forecasts…

I have to tell ya, those kangaroo pouches come in handy when doing repairs, no more trunnels rolling around the old deck, no sir!

skinks are not “snakes with jazz hands”… geez, some creatures are so persnickety… you make one off handed comment and skinks make a stink about it for days…

I really should have built a bowling alley on this thing… charades just don’t cut it anymore… and the kids memorized all the trivial pursuit questions (old testament edition (c) )

note to future people, do not make a movie where the world is all water, just trust me on this one

everyone’s a critic… why didn’t you build this? why didn’t you build that? what? like I went to school for this? sheesh, damn back boat captains… let’s see you build an ark with no union labor…

well, there goes that experiment, pigs can not fly, I guess I should try a raven or a dove or something, eh, maybe tomorrow, I don’t want to be late for date night, the wife is already steamed at me, something about the seat being up or whatever…

notes… just some random silliness at what Noah’s diary might look like, well… sort of…

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