Franklin Lakes Reservoir, Franklin Lakes, NJ

Franklin Lakes Reservoir, Franklin Lakes, NJ

in this sub/urban domain, there are many parts of my little state, that are, amazing places tucked away in plain sight, you just have to know where to look… and take the time to do so… seek out the beauty, treasure map not needed.

just something I wrote that I felt pertains to this post…

“a prayer for the living
so they might know
to fully embrace
the miracle
of being”

notes… find that space, or many of them, your space, wherever you may be, let the earth cleanse you of all the bad crap in your day, in your life, watch the ripples on a lake, one by one, watch a dragonfly hop from reed to reed and try to read it’s intentions, sit still for a moment and let the world wash over you, there is no better reality TV than nature, unscripted, and let it return you to when we were just travelers in this land, for we are.

music>>> Tycho – Skate (live)

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