clouds during golden hour
Photo by Sindre Strøm on

sometimes I think of slogans, or slug lines, or t-shirt sayings, sometimes they are poems or something else… these both came to me tonight in my car driving home, stuck in traffic on the GSP, a theme for me, sometimes traffic gets me down, sometimes I am inspired, tonight, I must admit I was listening to the new Tycho album and just digging it, it transported me, away from all the base garbage of the sitting in traffic experience, even the fumes in the rest area did not confound me, maybe it will kill me in the long run, but right now?  I feel pretty good.  I do not have the love of a partner but I do have life, so at least I have possibility still… and that is enough (sometimes)…

city lights night street
Photo by Justin Hamilton on

may I cast light out
into the world
unto you
and be a beacon
in dark times
may I remember
and be reminded
of the light within
and be a beacon
of truth
of love

person playing on light
Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on

be that light
to guide others
into their own

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