A poem about… dedication? perhaps.

A poem about… dedication? perhaps.

empty corridor
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

am I an observer in your hall
a light
embedded in the wall
a light post
to light your way
around the corners
to banish shadows
so you might step confidently
forward and around
vigilant in my stay
my light always upon you
from my place of servitude
unnoticed, I bow to you
if only
to light your way forward
for you may be
on your way
in safe good light
my light

notes… this can be taken a few ways, literal (as a light), a guardian angel, or also someone who works in the background for the betterment of someone else.  How you take it is your decision but I wanted to articulate all it meant to me when I wrote it today, in a fever dream, ok, when I was chilling out and listening to the classical station on my TV…

music… maybe my post makes more sense that I was listening to this… (and usually I hate operas)

La Bohemme – Pavarotti

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