some simple thoughts today.

some simple thoughts today.

garden sunset sunrise lens flare
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A rare saturday off for me, I must admit I slept in (I love laying in bed listening to binaural beats as nature rages outside whipping across the bamboo I planted making such a specific sound), I am a big believer in recharging batteries of the self, especially since I work 6 days a week and more than 9 hours a day usually, what sucks is friday peeked @ 70 degrees but today? not so much… barely 40’s, what a tease, but it was warm enough this afternoon to sit outside, let the dog roll around in the yard (man she hates to be clean), and sit and just let the breeze wash over me, let the sun warm me enough to be out there, watch the birds, try to sound locate the calls of the familiar ones, and for once I just did voice memos into my phone, so here they are….

“those pure of heart
but grave of experience
are doomed to make mistakes”

“tangled wind chimes
only sound
in the strongest winds”

“the songbirds call
against the coming of the night
for soon they will be silent”

notes… like my last post these are haiku to me, at least in spirit, I clearly have no control of the muse, she comes to me in all forms, I admit I have fear I will lose the talent to write, there are times I think what the hell will I write next? and some panic there, but the muse, so far has been fair and keeps delivering the mail to this address.

music (says a me)…

Cellar Darling – Death

so I am totally partial to Anna’s vocals… after seeing this band live I was just sold down the river as a silly fanboy…

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