Hastings-on-Hudson (NY)

Hastings-on-Hudson (NY)

So… work shuffles me about the tri-state area (NY NJ CT, as always, sorry PA – you are your own thing), last week my life’s time was spent mostly in this little town, among the “Rivertowns” (for some reason I had not heard this term previously although I certainly had visited these towns), Hastings is much like the other enclaves up there (you say ‘up there’ because you feel quite removed from the seething behemoth that is NYC just a quick jaunt south).  Right off the Saw Mill you are presented with a laid out, quite almost Revolutionary American style, Main Street dripping down the hills because it is all hills that eventually pour into the basin of the Hudson river.  As the pictures show this all becomes normal – even the huge massive fall in elevation behind the buildings that veritably smile along the main.  Unfortunately I was there for work and not play, although I am glad to have had a lay of the land for future use.  There definitely was a buzz about, a gladness to being hung in the air, a protected little section of the world which likes to jump up and take a big bite of the apple to then run into the comforting corner to enjoy said bite.  I am sure there is plenty of history in this area, but you have google, I am just passing on my experience in the matter.

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