The Yoke of comfort… and that ain’t no yoke…

The Yoke of comfort… and that ain’t no yoke…

fried egg with seasonings
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I am perhaps worse than most, to actually like the confines of the yoke of comfort, much like egg yolk it is sunny, gooey and oh so comforting rolling like delicious lava all over the plate (and in that process infecting everything), but perhaps that plate needs to be swapped with a contemplate (or a quantum plate?), as I said I might be guiltier than most, the familiar is a familiar coat, every pocket worn, every corner turned,  it is so easy to slip into the easy cave and slip on your slippers and slumber into oblivion, but life is finite, as is our choices, common things just feel great, I imagine that is our evolution, our protection, but we must use that thing that raised us out of the norm (intellect) and overcome those barriers of Darwinism.

All this because I ordered some Korean fusion food today.  I saw an article online and a place was within a couple miles of my office.  I have had tons of Korean food before (hello, Ft Lee is a few towns over) but I fell for comfort the world over.  So maybe I won’t like a lunch one day, better to break the yoke/yolk and say…. I tried something different today.

Sometimes roads lead somewhere else, somewhere unexpected, GPS is not a human trait, and that, is a good thing.

and not to be droll but comments and thoughts are always appreciated, thanks!

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