Thoughts from the porch (continued series)

Thoughts from the porch (continued series)

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From the porch (series)


remnants of the rain remain

seeping out from welcome mats

on the underside of fallen leaves

huddled in patches of patchwork

for what little warmth they might gather

all the colors littered

like a parade route after

after the crowd is gone,

all revelers, peddlers nearing dawn,

one last hurrah before last embrace

a dance, a chance, to perceive the delay

to spin frantic all without a know

well all the while, the signs all point

all sight lost in whirling dervish delights, for now

until we awake into the next morn

branches sparse, the snare of cold breath

a frost

we retreat to our dens and hearths

and wait.

notes… we just had a Nor’easter here so it is almost the last cruel insult to the leaves… they are clinging for dear life knowing they will all be stripped bare dead and here comes this horizontal rain fall and ripping wind to take away their spark, the aftermath is all these leaves, some even green, strewn about like a total mess, so I was commenting on all that and larger themes of the season.

not sure why I am going this way…

Faith No More – Epic

Michael Patton… a fascinating dude…

Hey !  thoughts, comments, arguments, follows, ice cream, and angry harangues are always appreciated !!

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