The weekend I like to post easier items.

The weekend I like to post easier items.


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Granted I am rocked by the awful situation that happened in Pittsburgh today but the weekends (well, at least sundays) are a refuge, so I like to post some simpler things, elemental things, basic things. I can be all esoteric but… life is about larger themes, larger than your self, we all think we are living in the most important time ever, that’s just silly, we had a civil war here in America… hell, we had world wars that none of us were part of, get over yourself, gain some perspective, don’t lose passion but realize we all fail,  everything is so important because we are alive in the now, it is all we know.. but the world will continue to spin, America will continue to lead, we all blink, so blink, take a deep breath, the world is not ending due to anything, politics ?  the world continues on. For now I am going to post some theme poems, the theme ? simplicity, obviousness, the things that bind us… remember we are all here together right now, think about that in the context of the universe whole, the confluence of events that make my words being read by you … astounding…

radiant” 7.23.18

I am plutonium, radiation

contaminating infiltrating

in deadly silence

injecting into every scene

leaking from every seam

an unseen torrent

molecular assassin

death transparent.

over here” 7.23.2018

signal fire

signal flare

I will do anything

to get your attention

once more

break my bones” 8.6.2018



and I thought

sticks and stones

but I was wrong

in my bone

the saying is only true

when the words are false

circular” 8/8/2018

two circles



never one

infinity loop

but a circle has no beginning

nor an end

a lap of loops

but you have gone nowhere

you are at

where you began


there is thunder outside

but here I am

inside my home

like a stone


I feel safe


until – found.


you are the air I breath

the spark of life I need

shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

a season too fleeting

my love for you

beyond all reason

music > get your heavy on, this is from an Anime (Shingeki no Bahamut) I have been watching lately but I was surprised with the theme music (it rules), I could run a whole anime blog or Japanese music blog… but damn I don’t have the time with all the shit exploding in my head.


thoughts and comments are always welcome, negative or not !

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