Simple thoughts or maybe incomplete ones (or maybe they suck)

Simple thoughts or maybe incomplete ones (or maybe they suck)

The weekend, the name engages thoughts of fun and relaxation (at least to me), so I like to post light, or things maybe that I like but are not complete (I rarely go back and rewrite anything, I like to do things in the moment, just my jam), feel free to use them to inspire you (just give me some cred if you do)…

planned” 5/3/18

I am so prepared for you

that I am ill equipped for anyone else anymore

I wish I had the answers

that everyone thinks I should know

still searching for

at the horizon

forever just out of sight and reach

so prepared for a fate

I may never meet

a dream in my waking

have I closed all the doors?

cleanse” 5/14/18

I do not mind the rain

cleanse my soul

to begin again

momentary lapse

imagine molecules of water

in within the power of divine

I would like

to linger, delude

to wash anew

an intoxicating prospect

I brew


if I am to become ash

will the fire

incinerate my sin

erase the mark

allow me to forget

even in

in the time it takes

to dream.

gang of clouds” 6.6.18

rain approaching

leaves turn upside down

a gathering crowd of clouds

with ill intent


indistinct muttering

waiting for

the signs

a flash, a crack

to unleash

their wrath

notes… for whatever reason these feel haiku-ish to me.. but that is me, I had a weird week but still posted a bunch, I am off for vacation tomorrow in lovely Cape May NJ (a magical place if you ask me), I love the ocean, I wonder how I will view it now since my re-awakening as a writer ? not sure, but I am damn sure I will be at the raw bar @ the Lobster House tomorrow night, bet on that.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Walk on the Ocean (live)

and I would be remiss if I did not say thank you, any of you that ever get this far, I am trying to post me as much as me possible and if anyone cares, thanks, any reads are appreciated.  All comments and the ole follow-roo are also appreciated.

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