inspiration, the muse (read me)

inspiration, the muse (read me)

green mountain painting
Photo by Jesse Zheng on

these words came to me,as they are, driving to work last saturday, what more can I say ?  this is the muse, this is being in the space intersecting with inspiration, I can not explain it like I can not explain so much of this world, as I am just this one dude existing in this world. with that said…


9.29.2018 “early am drive”

over the green of verdant hill

soft fingers of september sun stretch


each drop of dew provides

shimmering in the gentle warming of autumn dawn

notes… this is one of those I can not possibly explain, it happened and I loved it at first sight/write, it made me think of so many poets before me, sort of a hybrid (sort of haiku in spirit) but still me, I guess.

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