Weekend = simplicity

Weekend = simplicity

not that I ever have a full weekend (rarely), I work 6 days a week (my choice I am not complaining…. ok, a little…), but I still like to think of the relief of the idea of a weekend… the idea sounds so damn nice… but if you follow me you see that I like to post some simpler things on the weekend, or funny things, not everything I post has to be an exposition to impress you or anyone, I aim to entertain to those who like my particular brand of thought (I post almost all my work, good, bad or indifferent), that’s all, as I usually say “with that said…”… so with that said…

untitled” 4/26/18

hello day moon

I’m told you must signify something

just another thursday

I might imagine

if clouds are mountain tops

you are the king

but not mine

untitled” 4/26/18

amber ember remember

blazing fire burning hotter,


why do I keep locked back

to ponder wonder hover,

the past is ash

yet I still grasp

the soot, stains my fingers

the scent, of expired fire

that once was

where now – there is none

struggle” 4/28/18

cherry blossoms fallen

first line of defense

dandelions spawned


buds bustle and deploy

out on limbs

but winter always loses

so why try?

like all else


for every ounce of life

untitled” 4/28/18

a sunset

how many more sunsets

will I see

how many more


all around

this world is sprouting green

but yet my heart remains mourning

in winter’s captivity

musical amusical a musical, going really classic (legendary imo) on you all…

Cream – White Room (Royal Albert Hall 2005)

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