Sometimes it is just a breeze…

Sometimes it is just a breeze…

wind grass beach sea
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standing in your standard parking lot, I park far away from the other cars (as if I drive some sacred fancy chariot and not my actual car), and then the breeze hits me, one of those breezes that goes right through you, not like a chill, but with a comfort, the perfect temperature, just slightly cooler than the cooling late summer day, a temperature of balance, of perfection, a comforting hand that makes you take pause – and a deep breath, it seems we wait an entire year here for mere moments like this, an unorthodox equinox of our lives as they tumble through the gauntlet of nature’s whim, our lives spent, on the phone, rent, work, online comments – all in an instant leveled (or revealed) by a simple summer breeze, so I pause, to take it in (it would seem boorish and rude to do otherwise given the circumstances) and then, back into life, injected back into the “real” world.

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook
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notes… I don’t live in the tropics, I don’t live any place particularly warm, warmer than some parts I suppose, I am closer to the north pole than the equator, and I suppose it shows, but I wanted to capture the moment, the feel, trying to do that more now, I would say I don’t know why, but I do, because I am alive, and I cherish that fact, maybe my life is not everything it was “supposed” to be, maybe I am a disappointment, maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe just enjoy it.


low angle view of lighting equipment on shelf
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musing music… a super group I bet ya never heard of:

Platypus – Blue Plate Special

This is an instrumental but just oozes with groove and blues… and the playing is next level, considering those players involved it is not a surprise…  sad, things like this go by the wayside unheralded gems unheard gems… well, until you spied my blog.

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