Bread and Circus.

Bread and Circus.

ancient architecture arena buildings
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 “maury povich” 6.22.18

pop secret

father’s day

paternity test


what is next

did you do the crime

remember her?

did you drop the dime

notes… maury povich tries to rise above the jerry springers of the world… but it is a farce, he is a farmer of misery for ratings (and in turn $$$).. mostly remembered for “is this your daddy” type of episodes (with DNA tests to reveal the real father).  At least springer didn’t take himself too seriously.  “Pop secret” is a play on a few things… “pop” as in father, “secret”… well, the secret of the father.. and pop secret is also a brand of instant popcorn (the metaphor being you throw this pack (people) into the microwave (stage/TV) and things are going to explode every time… all that in two words.. and you thought I do this hap hazard… silly rabbit, tricks are for dave


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