Sexy time…

Sexy time…

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Of course I am saying “sexy time” in my Borat voice…. makes more sense that way (and amuses me).  I don’t write about sex or sexual innuendo often, certainly not as often as I think about it (as if I have that much free time).  Nothing pornographic… which is odd because I could care less about suggestive or out right lewd language.  So here is 2 poems that just kind of happened .. the equivalent of a one night stand in terms of my poetry given what usually gets my pen to stand on end. (and I quite liked these poems as I wrote them or maybe it was dictated to me by the universe in one full sweaty stroke of my hand)

room for 2” 4/4/18

as I stand there

as I bathe in you

the woman of my dreams

every contour and every seam

tailored for my hands

small of back

I place my hands

a burst of sweat

as fingers rise to shoulders

I pull you in

closer, closer.

we meet” 6/1/18

our skin meets

I know your temperature

I know your scent

lips pressed

firm, wet

body lines

hands glide



you shudder

soft moan

drawn close

nibbled lobe

whispers exchanged

desires, explode

dmk note: I hope you caught all the double entendres in my intro… if not, shame on you.

musical selection, one of the goddamn sexiest song I have ever heard… “Minus the Bear: White Mystery”, no mystery, turn up the volume and be with the one you desire

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