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A truly American spirit.  I wanted to lighten the mood a bit today (lovely day in the northeast USA). So here is some amusing musings on Bourbon.  Why?  I recently scoped out a cool documentary about the drink: “Neat: The Story of Bourbon“.  Like a good documentary should you wind up having a good time and learning a thing or two.  So with that in mind here are some booze inspired numbers for your consumption (and mental inebriation). Live life, love life people.


makes great friends
but a poor alarm clock

straight and neat
and the while later
crooked crossed feet

screams and kicks
and down the hatch
time plays
one eye opens
who is this person in my bed?

straight and slick
burns the tongue
for only quick
tap on the shoulder
from you know who
temptation bout reach for more
but one more knock
you’re on the floor

Musical choice? OK… I’m going to be obvious here… “George Thorogood – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Live)

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated (unless I am in a foul mood… then all bets are off)

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