Getting into 2017 material

Getting into 2017 material


I am sure there is more stuff from 2011-2017 laying around here somewhere, and I will get to it… but time to post this stuff and get up to speed with what I am writing now.  In my notes (horrible scribble that I scrawl) this batch is labeled “early 2017″… again maybe not all complete “poems” per se maybe just ideas or the like.

“untitled”  early 2017

cross the bridge
ever the river smiles and jumps
a flowing cape of silver scales made for broadway

bound tight, mistakes
once at arms length
now oceans wide
a mind can not reach
what the touch of lips spans –
an eternity

in the distance, far my mountain –
for once I knew her slopes

“untitled” 2017

a dog
and a street light
the suburbs

“untitled” 2017

summer’s last breeze
mild winters have lashes
cold is the design of my love

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