Works from 2011

Works from 2011

pexels-photo-922690.jpegLots of archiving I have to do… I wonder if it will show progress? hmm?   Feedback is appreciated if ya’ feel like it.  And please if you re-post give me credit… otherwise aliens will come down. abduct you and do things to your bum… (and you won’t like it).

“untitled” 2011

in the quiet of my mind

ambient music numbing trance

parkway lanes parting

past my sides

late nights drive, 1 am

(eastern time)

“untitled” (2) 2011

diffused cloth umbrella

rocking back and forth like on a ship

but on a breeze,

wind placing ladies at the tables

cats and carps begging for scraps

the thoughts of travel

back to the cloud climb

in mere hours,

the constant rollick of the breeze

the click clank of metal tubing, swinging , hypnotic moving


the carbonation of flies amongst the gaze

the sheen of sun upon the pond

at last the honey suckle scent penetrates

birds, peripheral, call out their sounds,

in orderly fashion as not to arouse,

ripples die and softly rage

as stillness impregnates both birth and long age

so once again wind does rise

click, clack, click, clack

nature is a metronome devised

“untitled” (3) 2011

Ah…where is that beam of light to illuminate this darkest of landscapes?

If I might only find what my mind half spent in searching,

and divide the time in lines to seek out the answer…

Where has she gone?

Has she gone at all?

or is she standing right where I left her,

like a tree passed a thousand times before,

existing as the same as memory,

and close inspection

a flower by the trunk,

always there-

but sometimes (as is the case) the passers-bye forget to look

upon that majestic face

with eyes lost in the reflection of blue sky,

lost in the familiar intersection

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