Fiddler’s Green, do you know what I mean?

Fiddler’s Green, do you know what I mean?

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first the poem, after, a bit more…

“the nights of twyner-by-lot
a land that time has not once forgot
for on this site many circle a stone
for on this ground sacrificed of bone
and all the more the landscape shed
grass and greens o’er the swept
torrents hath bent and snow that slept
moons on by and sunlight spent
the generations they came and went
all in the nights of twyner-by-lot”

notes… OK, I was thinking of stonehenge and also Fiddler’s Green, and also Danny the Street, c’mon now, are you keeping up folks? Mythical places, magical places, all the faces that have passed through them, the lives, the rituals, the stories, why not “twyner-by-lot”, now that I made that up, it exists just the same as any other plot of land, does transference occur? There is innumerable places on the earth of worship both old and new, has the actions of man changed the turn of the earthworm thus in such… just a consideration, and that is what I am asking with this work (and yes the name just came to me in pure thought, in case you were asking).


and let me be remiss to say, all thoughts, comments, likes, and hay bales are appreciated… I especially love hot chile recipes, if you know me, and if you read me, you know me probably more than you know… but thanks for the eyes, if any and all…