thoughts… from the deck….

thoughts… from the deck….

sometimes does rise great winds, they do not always bring a storm, a story perhaps, but just the language of the breeze without an erstwhile traveling companion such as downpour, sometimes fifty degrees is just warm enough, for whatever reason, after a season all couped up this is welcome addition to the night, the advantage of this time of year is quite clear, the insects have not yet come, so I can remain unmolested, even close my eyes, listen to the wind bending the wooden chimes that climb up skyward into this moonless night, I used to think, perhaps, there was a language to the trees, and the winds, and the ground, but that is such a human construct, I think, now, these days, maybe there is just more of an understanding, a balance, an equation so primitive to escape our clever machinations or possibility of expression, sometimes in darkness like this, I feel fear, whether real or realized, rational or not, but not tonight, just calm, the same calm that falls upon me upon the shore with the tide rolling in from the great atlantic, for I have never been to the other side, the pacific, but I do not say that with regret at this moment, maybe ask me tomorrow and my answer might be different, there is a slight chill in the air, but it does not penetrate, like when you open your freezer, there is almost a blanket there, of air, you can feel it park gently on your upper lip, you can even breathe it in, but the sensation is that of a fresh scent, not over powering, just enough to savor, looking at the trees, and the night, I wonder which came first, the eyes, or the ears, I suppose I could look such things up, perhaps the answer is even known, but to wonder about the first time something saw something or heard something or tasted this world, and how many mouths have taken in air that has circulated around the world for billions of years, this wind, maybe once part of a tornado, or just a late summer breeze cooling beads of sweat, or the flapping of a butterfly’s wings they say…

(for any newbs… I try to get out in my yard, or my porch and let the world come to me in words… this is one of those posts… been doing it for years, I recommend you do the same, surprise yourself…)

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