social media…

social media…

the mob is fickle
crazed with feral banality
anxious fangs to bare
ferocious reaction
the ire rips at flesh,
all in a maelstrom
whipped up by a construct,
in opposition
to unspoken truths.

the mob is fickle
to bend the knee
or break the jaw
or bow to current gales
to be swept along.

the mob is fickle
acts of one mind
to lay to utter ruin
the appointed enemy;
yet one only needs to see
the ruins of old world
to know the outcome
of this one
of this scene, before you.

notes… the age of free discourse seems to be near an end in this country or world, unless it is fought for, mob rule is easy, even if the mob may be right in some fashion the gallantry of western civilization is the mob at least, at the very least tolerating all voices of dissent, for at times, many, most or none, the mob may be wrong, and it takes fortitude and pillars to stand up for that truth… the strongest show their might by holding up the weak instead of the easy job of swatting flies with a hammer. Your thoughts and comments are always appreciate, your eyes, thank you for those as well, those who have read this, we are on this trip together for now… so, the universe chose us to interact… that is a fact… I don’t usually ask, but share the F out of this one… I think it deserves it… because I want people to bow to the mob, I want free voices, dissonant voices, I am a free speech absolutist… free speech, never less speech, offensive speech – all of it… sunlight is the best light…

2 thoughts on “social media…

    1. I just see how easily (sometimes) people pounce and pulverize assuming everything about a person from one 4 line post on a forum… that knee jerk reaction and the pile on is fascinating, I can see how it can really hurt someone if they let it.


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