concrete hits (truth)

concrete hits (truth)

life is about redemption (often)
I am amazed at the sheer number of opportunities I have been offered, how often I have failed or those taken for granted, I looked not quite down at the so-common sidewalk this morning, in front of my office, the shadows skewing in just the right direction to etch every inch of every branch of the leafless trees upon the surface cross, the sun exactly where it had to be for these steps, for this exact moment to capture my sightline, even the bus stop bench seems pristine somehow, a miracle? why not… a not so subtle jab to my psyche “hey dude, wake up, look around”, although in my mind I would hope nature wouldn’t talk in exactly that tone (or with my jersey accent), but the message, the same, either way, nothing spectacular about today compared to… many… or any… but somehow, I feel inspired just the same, there is always hope while life remains.

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