the sensation…

the sensation…

flying. no, more terrestrial, have you ever really sat in your car and thought about the sensation, of what is actually happening, such a mundane activity would be incomprehensible to most generations of humanity, only the dare few, he flew, but now, as a rite of passage of some version of your teens, you drive, your body, strapped into a machine, essentially becomes one, as the miles per hour go up, your body is travelling at this speed, but you do not have a true sense of this, unless you pause to pay attention, your body is off the ground, moving at speeds you can not understand, if by foot you would be cooked, but with a pulse of your toes you are blowing by cheetahs at a pose, but do you take in this truth, this sensation, like flying, for indeed you really are, in a car, but your feet are not on the ground, you are cruising on a surrogate, zipping around at speeds unimaginable just a corner past a century ago.
so try this. next time you are driving, embrace the feeling of flying, the sensation of covering ground at pace with ease, even easier than a bird gliding on a thermal, you are whisked along full throttle, take notice, and you will feel, the sensation of flying.

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