for the night never does truly escape the sun
there is only that veiled curtain drawn
the pause of night-
the time to sleep, between the exhale
then, the awakening of the dawn
that always comes
always, until, well, not.
but the sun is never vanquished
only turned from our eyes
for a time
for a time
in the spin
gravity’s fond trick
holds our feet strong
humanity, tethered to the earth
the agreed bond of our birth
until that release-
when our sight may cease
as dawn becomes all days
and then all nights
become all, all light.

notes… this post is based on my last post, sort of… just musing on the same topic and really enjoying the music this time out, sometimes I get it right, even if only for myself, welcome to my world folks, your thoughts and comments are appreciated but not vital, this is my thing, just throwing my art onto the shores of the world, so let it be and let each other be well… trust me on that…

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