Enceladus : Ocean Moon

Enceladus : Ocean Moon

the veil of Enceladus

from afar
a cold blank stare
for generations the bright
capture’s the eye
with robotic lens aimed – (I see now, for myself)–
ice the sky is your upper atmosphere
but the ceiling painted with cracks like ice on here
firing sky scrape plumes out into space
plummeting down to the surface
and beyond in rings
for below this dead frozen mane
a great sea does froth and move
gravity squeezes and bends the dome
all inside this hidden domain
does life? does life… begin or remain?
the answer will come to us one day
but until then … ?
let an octopus dream – in a her own pen

notes: I am of the belief there is life in our solar system beyond the Earth, and even more wonders out there beyond our tiny solar system… so there is many layers to this poem in that respect… but make of it what you will, I can only write and let other eyes and minds decide.

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