the pronouncement of spring.

the pronouncement of spring.

(if there is such a thing)… and I would posit there is, if you lend an ear for a moment, there is a definite swing, I have tried over the passing years to bend my ear, sure, the life signs are easy, on the eyes, sprouts, buds, the gradual and then sudden greening just waiting around the corner, but the animals seem to know sooner as told by mother, they are more attuned to that clock, the real clock not our prison-ary twenty four hour capitulation, a slavery of sorts instead of passengers at port, the level of chatter is just that much greater, as if by a snap of the fingers it turns on, the volume is there for you to just listen, the land speaks volumes of volume, and so yesterday was that day, I noticed the uptick in banter, a robin dancing madly purposely across my yard, brazenly claiming a homestead there (apparently unaware of property laws), and even though today could be just short of miserable (a wash of grey and rain), the hope is there, I can hear it, and feel it…

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