and this too, will end
this all goes away
with time, washed,
to a second rise
my finite resonance
among the harmony
and the chaos
of the humanity I hold so dear
my definition
my love
my fears,
all this too, will end
I pray for more
more than I am due
more than I am worth
the same as an inch of dirt
or worse, or heaven herself
but somehow
deep down
I know.

damn this song, this version, so affects so many of us, the raw, the real, the feel. it resonates because truth resonates and we know it when we are shown it. this is the real, we have an end, it is terrifying to me, I want to be some sort of pillar, but I am just a man, just me… and I have made mistakes, and I regret them… but does that make me a bad man? or worse? or less? no…

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