sunshine of the mind (s.o.c)

sunshine of the mind (s.o.c)

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is sunshine a state of mind? a phase? a path? I wonder… can I sustain as a beaming light, or will I fade, from the very nature of my humanity, which supports both and the same, to be a beacon, a guide, while being a scion on my own ride, so easily derailed, even before I have begun to embark, at times, so easy to distract, to deride, to find reasons for treason against a good tide, as to what the sculptor knows, vastly a different job from actual chisel in hand, and I know, you know, we all know these truths, they are not static, or some arcane formula that needs to be derived or teased out from numbers, no, they are naked bare, out for all to comply, if they care, or to be ignored, or tossed casually on the floor, that is the temptation, what makes the truth so grave, easy to identify, easy to shove aside, ’tis not a plow or a yoke, perhaps that feel when the field is against the grain and flow of humanity about, perhaps, but handed gilded gifts never callous hands do make, some prefer the hand out, I suppose, am I different? depends on the day, the question, all that I wrap myself around in tizzy for, but at the core, the threads of truth remain, like the light of each coming day, for night is a temporary thing, shadows are a cause not a spring – should I enlighten? and let sunshine become, a state of mind.

note… this is always my dilemma, I want to be a pure beam of light, so why can’t I be, I mean, I can, but I don’t but should… but to what end? such is the war in my heart and mind, what to do with my time, if it matters, or not, or should it? all the damn questions… and yeah, I am going to start marking some of my posts (s.o.c) for stream of consciousness, so if you like those posts more (or less) you can avoid or consume them at your behest…

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