So I encountered some bears…

So I encountered some bears…

So… Monday I was up @ Wawayanda State Park in Sussex NJ (for those unfamiliar that is extreme north/west New Jersey… also known as NJ Bear Country), New Jersey gets a bad rap, OK, we deserve some of it, but my mission the past few years has been to show off some of what makes this little old state so great (it is I tell ya!), so I got my ass up to Wawayanda, it’s a huge area and I only got to maybe 50% of it at best, I was setting up my tripod to film this nice stream at the very open of the Laurel Pond trail area… and got surprised… I had no zoom set up so the footage is not perfect but you can see what is going on… a mama bear and her 2 pretty sizeable cubs, I kept my distance (obviously) but they did eye me up, I saw their faces, it is a quite a moment when you lock eyes with a wild animal than can take you out, I was in no real danger as I was on a bridge and near my car, but it was very surreal.

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