a lesson in math rock…

a lesson in math rock…

so no, this is not a music blog, but sometimes it sort of is… this struck me, so I post..

this satisfies me in so many ways, technical ability, and melody, and that is what makes this special, the technical meets the ephemeral… it moves your soul but strokes your mind, that, my friends is elevation… this wants to make me create, to elevate, to make art, to write… but now? just to sit back and listen, to be a bit lazy and let someone else make a definition, but that is ok, like admiring a sunset, not on a beach, to perfect, admiring that sunset wherever your sight may reach, because a sunset can transcend… everything… remember that, there is always a place, in your place, that transcends, may it be the light off dew on a rose, or your pose, near asphalt that shines just right from even a common street light, there is magic and miracles there, in every day sight…

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