went outside just now, damn, the musty heavy smell of passing summer rain, the pre-swamp freshness a mix of grass and pavement tar, the dank, utter dank heaviness of humidity waiting to pounce on the dawn, it is almost intoxicating, maybe that was more the glass of bourbon on the porch earlier, but no, this is a seasonal smell, and a tell, a telling of a story, a trigger of memory as this time comes around once more, as the years pass they convey more and tell less as my own experience fills in the rest, perception, my walking through a moment that will never be… again.. amazement, miracles in the simple, and I am allowed to be a conductor, my own being fleeting, but yet allowed this meeting, I take in a deep breath, yes, this is august, the wet, the heat, the near rot but sweet, soon too soon the sun will set on this burst of life, but for now, life is rife and wild, and all about… take it all in my friends, take it all in, from a car window down, a beach bound toe in sand, a hike into forestland, even the baked cookie flavors wafting up from the driveway cracks… such is the now, so take it in.

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