Photo by Swapnil Sharma on Pexels.com

in a whirlwind of praise
a cauldron of caresses
bathing in sweet sophistry
there in lies
seethes the demon
where ’tis born
“nothing to fear my dear, nothing to fear”
a seduction laced on ear drops
for those we know
pass through our doors
those we know best
haunt these corridors, of ours
a voice, a whisper, a soft homily lands
the pied lullaby follows
to ply open fortifications
the notion, of a nation –
invasion, through the front door.

Notes… words pop in my mind, the opening line of this piece has been bouncing around my head for a few days, and today found a way out, this was typed in one sitting, five minutes really, I’m not even 100% sure of everything I mean, but so there… I post these for anyone to review and feel the flow (or not, that’s cool too). All likes, eyes, reads, diatribes and recipes that include turmeric are appreciated… (this also had me thinking of one of my previous posts)

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