dawn rise, coins flip… ^H~T _ _ _

dawn rise, coins flip… ^H~T _ _ _

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

a stroke of sun
and there they went
with a brief brown beat
the little birds, a little flock
dash out from the relative safety
of the holly on my front lot
I can only imagine the flight response
a sudden skyward shadow thrown
an eclipse
grandeurs of gods
for as I look around
in this seeming ghost town
all there is are the survivors now
those who chose, like I
to winter in place
in this place
in the space afforded
where life has placed;
I imagine for a moment-
the beat of the sea
the rise and fall
for that is the heart
the proof the planet moves
through this universe
the breath
of the earth herself
and all the life contained there,
is there such a contentment
of a contended sigh
just now,

notes… another day, and things change, the world flips, I can only ride the waves, the better I get at it … the more I realize…. I am a novice, not a child anymore, there is too much to know, too much to explore, but what choice is there, but to go for it, take in as much, absorb until the sponge bursts, if it can, it it will, challenge the universe with your capacity, so I guess what I am trying to say, non-artfully, in my own way, take a ride – the wave is hope, if you catch it right, the crest, the feeling, the momentum is…

*thank you for your time, your eyes, any and all likes and gripes are always welcome, and appreciated, we are on this rock at the same time after all, and for some reason the universe brought us to this moment, all those billions of years culminated in this, trivial ? no… a miracle if you really contemplate such things…

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