Thoughts from the Porch… (go outside, do the same thing, it is cathartic I tell ya’, saves you the bill on therapy)

Thoughts from the Porch… (go outside, do the same thing, it is cathartic I tell ya’, saves you the bill on therapy)

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am I a companion to this, what I might describe as a perfect summer night, but I suppose that is balanced out by my experiences, some shared, some personal, some individual, a midsummer’s night dream perhaps, or something of that, there was a furious thunderstorm last night, so the land is sated not baked and worn from the day’s focused sun, the humidity has tamed and is down to just a hint of warm, call it comfortable, call it humidity that does not cause sweat when you are walking the dog, the dog too, she notices, she knows whats up, her tongue is not half whole hanging out of her maw like an indecent wet flag flapping, no, just her usual happy skip-me-go jaunt, no need for copious slurps from the bowl when we get back to the house, maybe this was not the complete perfect summer day, that would entail the beach, that level of tired that only a day trip like that provides, between the sun sand and surf you are happily drained and spent, ready to crash in bed in the post glow of a beach day, even feeling the waves as you drift to sleep, no, this was not one of those, they are fewer and far between as an adult, or maybe the pure experience as a child is not quite the same without the dogmatic weight of the world on your shoulders, so, rather than get mired down in that reality, choose to notice what good fruit is available for picking, like tonight, I must be a true suburban animal, the gentle hum of my neighbor’s AC unit provides solace, there is a certain sound to those big outdoor AC units, maybe it is soothing obnoxious, maybe I have the same quality so I am told on occasion, even my neighbor running his edge trimmer seems like part of the song, the scent of fresh cut grass wafts over, even though I am allergic I find it quite intoxicating, hoping maybe, for once, I am not on the avenue for tissues but soon I will be, there is an ease in the air tonight, an unspoken treaty of all, the trees are full and vibrant, the grass is green and tall, a robin lands on a careful landscape rock near my feet, unaware of me, for a second or two, and then the second of recognition, and surprise, lock eyes, then flight, the jacks are nearly half size now, busy back and forth across the street and under bush, even though I am sitting here alone, I close my eyes, and know, I am a part of all this, or is it a part of me? I breath in and the world exhales with me in calm beats… in calm beats…

notesthe porch thing is my thing, a diary ? nah, not really quite the same, in spirit ? maybe, but I am trying to capture what I see with these eyes, and this mind, my own experience, my own influence, maybe it resonates as I am surely not a one off, well, I am but any components we do share the same…. thoughts?

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