Solar Cell…

Solar Cell…

left human hand photo
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a mist of rain, a touch of rain, a slap of rain, occasional buckets even, plain misery plastered across the sky, my eyes filled with blanket gray, the rain can not even find the courtesy of an even tempo to match my wipers, the constant refrain  (back and forth) and adjustment to meet the spray or drench, nothing in between this day, traffic, somehow rain melts brains or at least that is what my history tells me, and that day is today, red and blue flashing lights call attention to the shoulder, drastic go no where spastic lane changes ratchet up the morning tension, all in a hateful dance, jockeys trade for position, I can feel the sum dragging me down, pulling on me with the weight of one thousand times gravity into a grinding stone, the lack of coffee infusion is not helping either, but wait, a novelty, what if it is just me? am I simply allowing myself (lazy self) to drown in this morass of outward molasses? is my predicament really so dour and helpless? or am I letting myself set sail adrift in this madness?
a calm realization slips over my countenance… like sinking surrender into a soft comforter at the end of a long day…
how many hours have my limbs bathed and baked in the sun, taking in the warmth of the giving orb down to my bones, and perhaps even slipping into my soul, I decide to not be up that creek with no paddle, for certainly this is not a creek, and I need no paddle, probably just better analogies, but either way I stick my foot in the ground (so to say) and pick another route towards the fray, all that light, if memory serves right, I can feel it now, coming up to the surface from the remembrance layers below, beaming out from my epidermis a burgeoning glow, if I can absorb the light therefore I can radiate same out, in my mind’s eye I emit a subtle glow, growing, like young confidence zooming down the street without training wheels for the first time, I imagine being a source of light, a lantern, a beacon, for the outside world can not always control my experience, today, I choose this! to be light!

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