just a musical suggestion tonight…

just a musical suggestion tonight…

Lovely soft acoustic and technical, it tickles all my niches… Yvette is an immense talent.

Am I going to pretend that big football game is not tomorrow ? nah… I am a fan of the NFL so I will be watching, I don’t love the SB though, bloated half time with musicians I could care less about, not snobby, it is fine for the masses to like what they like, there is clearly more of them than me, but I like the game and it can be exciting, I was raised a NY Giants fan (ahem, they play in Jersey) so I have seen my share of winning which other franchises have not (even though the G-Men have completely sucked as of late), I do not refer to the team as “we”, I am a fan, I go to games sometimes, I would not pay for a license to buy tickets, that’s insane to me, but what other people do with their money is not my domain, make your own choices, do your own thing.

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