morning mantra (a traffic trance)…

morning mantra (a traffic trance)…

time lapse photography of city road at nighttime
Photo by zhang kaiyv on

as I feel myself slip, cars dodging for into impossible pole position, territorial equations, my own assumptions infecting my own reality, all swept up in this nonsense maelstrom, another day barely discernible from the rest, what quite in the hell am I doing?

with deep breath onset, I let the calm literally descend down incrementally like a hand press, top down from the clouds, and decompress the now, as the matted grey sea meets, a bland horizon line, take the air out, the stress out, ‘release your mind’ I think, easier thought than done, I think, but my own logic struggles to contain the boil, reason is not always a foil for the experience within hand’s reach, deep breath, release, I imagine stretching out across the sky like the singular grey clouds on this unremarkable day, the same day, every day, the clock does not tick, daylight savings laid back, the minutes count forward crawling up my back – if I let them, deep breath in shallow measures, I want to close my eyes and dream somewhere else, but the grind, why do some days strike more than some, the only variable to the equation is my own perception, deeper… breath, like a tunnel there is an end, like a frightened white knuckle panic holding on to railings that are only surface for show, let go, an unremarkable day, grey skies are just rumors of rain or perhaps her cold cousin soon to be queen of seasons, so let it be, breathe, and perhaps a small fire of a smile cracks the crust mantle, the silliness of importance, in moments as thus, so smile at the utter world, let the rising happen, regardless, deep breath.

music… somewhat obvious but a but sneaky…

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