So we are mostly water… so I am told…

So we are mostly water… so I am told…

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bodies of water
so we are
holding our ocean within,
internal gravity
we capture moisture
from the outer-world,
internal irrigation
so our inner fauna
can stave off extinction
all that flows in our rivers and channels
not just rafts of cells
or the pulse of marrow
but bolts of electric information
memories, thoughts
joys, pain
the self,
the self contained
eco system one
the only ocean
we are masters of
and yet still do not know
nor have mapped
all the depths
and fathoms
of our own.

music ? as usual my parade of under rated bands as I scream their names in the blog wind…

>>>>> Mindfunk – Wierd Water

notes…. wrote this back in July (with a couple of tweaks tonight), man that feels like a long time ago… the summer is nearing an end, I feel like I missed something, but I do love the fall, not like face planting, I mean the season in general, it is when I vacation, when people go back to school I usually shoot off to somewhere for a couple of weeks… tomorrow? off to dig for fossils here in new jersey, yes, I typed that right… if all goes well I might report, and you can retort, or be a sport… and leave me a like, a comment, a question, a new and interesting way to deal with super hot chiles… I could write a blog on just that, but that would not be my voice alone, so I will let others handle that… but damn I love hot chiles….

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