and time catches you

and time catches you

black shower head switched on
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I step naked from the shower

stop to fill the Davinci pose

I am not a perfect body

far from, far flung

and what do you see

in this earthly form

do you really see me ?

I wonder

I am confused by the look in your eyes

do I transmit, do you receive

are we talking


in the same language, our common tongues,

beyond this flesh

are we not inside each other, anymore?

I pause,

and I get dressed-

you’ve left.

notes: wrote this back on 8/22 and revised it today, time has a way of moving, it seems obvious of course, but as you age you realize the ninja aspect of time, time sneaks up on you, you blink and can’t believe where you are in this now (and how much has passed, I can almost divide my life into different lives), of course time is just time, it does what it does regardless of what our personal self importance wants to bend it too, time is always a constant even if our perception of same is more like a roller coaster rising and falling, peaks and valleys, maybe I need an internal tick-tock to hear, as a reminder, every moment is a moment closer to my end whether I like it or not… that immediacy should be coursing through my veins, but it is not, I have become comfortable, and I should not be…. perhaps it is evolution for us to seek safety, I am trying to fight my own nature…

music…  a beautiful acoustic piece that I truly love… to the point…

Honesty by King’s X

this is simple, and amazing…

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