sometimes the early bird…

sometimes the early bird…

aerial photography of green grass field surrounded with mountain during sunset
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on


walk among the dawn

witness breaks upon first light

first shadow, last refuge of night

amid the birds, morning report

our burning star, vessel of light

burning within, the spark of life

stroll between these beams

warmth from the mother’s hand

shall awake this slumber land

all is told and quick be gone

rises up, so ends the dawn

notes… I was being very specific using the word ‘report’ as it pertains to signal cannons mostly used to announce a ship coming into port, so I am mixing some metaphors here. The rest (I hope) speaks for itself. I wrote this @ my desk today, which is weird for me as it is high pressure but these just popped in there (ghostbusters reference).

music… no correlation, I just was listening to this today so… 2 versions of the same folk song adaptation, some great singers as well…

Schei es in die Winde – Faun

Omnos – Eluviete

Swiss and German are pretty close in a lingual speaking sense, very different people though (except in the small Austrian towns from my experience at least).  Of course Eluviete had my fave singer (Anna Murphy) so I posted a live version there so you can see how friggin amazing she is in the real.

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