A very north east NY/NJ thing…

A very north east NY/NJ thing…

night building forest trees
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

abandoned houses in the woods (or seemingly there so), what am I trying to say?  Well…  growing up here in the US northeast there is plenty of mountains, majestic ? not really, but hiking wise ?  pretty damn cool, we have the Appalachian trail and the Catskills not too far, when I went to camp as a wee lad there were these houses built in the woods… like normal houses, think of the original Blair Witch (which scared the crap out of me personally at the time), that stuff exists and is that creepy especially as a kid, totally bombed out houses that look normal on the outside but .. just in the middle of friggin nowhere… that sort of was my inspiration for this (mixed with longing for her)…

house in the woods” 9.5.2018

I left my heart, someplace I forgot

‘it is better this way’,

so they say, so I’m told

I can not raise, the army of my voice

to assemble and rise or even disagree

an abandoned house, with no glass

windows just portals, to let the elements in

the wind, the rain, and cold

the insulation failed, years ago

this is no longer a home, just a shell

but it remains all

all I know now, and all the more.

notes… kind of a nice halloween theme if I don’t say so, but I just did…

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