Archiving back work… 2005 (ish)

Archiving back work… 2005 (ish)

pexels-photo-248797.jpegThis is some older work I have had laying around.  I figure I might as well post it… some is dated, some are not but I archived them so they should be in rough chronological order based on the poems around them…

“untitled”  in the florida keys (islamorada)

Palm Shadows
like tiger stripes
docking poles

waves of wind
slide over gulf to east
sense of peace

lap of waves
against the dock
not so subtle a reminder


your eyes follow me ‘cross the room
on truth? ’tis mine that follow you

Oh how I wish upon,
embrace within my arms
all these evenings long
shivering from the storm


for long of age this season
on my heart had not met
test the feeling not forget
to breathe again
and spring to life
old sprout to turn new leaf
above decay
robs back from the thief who hid
such love in places barely lit

“untitled” 1.6.2005

I am the lone canadian
distinctive honk
racing against the grayish tide of winter rain
a dawn
a mile the same

“Day 1711”

by all accounts-
a threat of cloud,
haze and murk clamors
to shield the sun-
but I am yet beaming!

the verrazano bends across the narrows,
the morning doves busy with their dancing prowls,
amongst the wash of tiny helicopter blades-
the offspring of trees cast out to fate.
busy men with umbrellas unload from a bus-
they all have a specific somewhere destinations,
empty park benches wink to keep each other company-
and all this in a scene, postcards are for airports.

the wind carouses through the hairs of leaves
undulating rhythmically,
I imagine tracing fingers across lips in the manner
tracing her design
into all my senses
I might imagine
this is just a dream of future thought,
and reassurance whispers
“don’t wake up”


single – solitary
a fallen tree in the creek
unknowingly washing away
a snake roams and winds above
all the while disguised as road.

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